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Our current membership is approximately 360, and is international with some 34 nationalities represented.

To join ISDCI please fill out the: membership application form.

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The regular membership fees are:

  • MSc or PhD students:  $40 (US) per year 
  • Senior (PI) members and Postdoctoral researchers: $60 (US) per year 

Our Society also offers a 15% discount deals in membership fees to regular members as well as their lab members. The options are as follows:

  • MSc or PhD student:  $102 (US) for 3 years
  • Senior (PI) member: $153 (US) for 3 years; $255 (US) for 5 years
  • Group memberships; for this option the PI is be able to name the lab members and change their names on a yearly base by sending an e-mail to ISDCI Secretary-Treasurer
    • 1 PI + 3 students: $255 (US) for 3 years
    • 1 PI + 5 students: $323 (US) for 3 years
    • 2 PI + 3 students: $408 (US) for 3 years
    • 2 PI + 5 students: $476 (US) for 3 years

These fees include an online electronic subscription to our official Journal, Developmental and Comparative Immunology. An optional print subscription to Developmental and Comparative Immunology is available for $40 (US) extra.

Please, consider supporting the Society on a regular basis. The money collected from the subscriptions will be used to establish fellowships that can be distributed on a yearly basis; thus, not only for the year of our international Congress. Any student who is a member, including those added through a group laboratory membership, will be eligible.

Enquires about memberships should be sent to the ISDCI Secretary-Treasurer

Society of Developmental and Comparative Immunology

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Members profit from access to the ‘members only’ part of the website which provides, among others, interesting photos taken at our main international meetings, front covers of historical issues of the DCI journal and further interesting facts and figures related to the Society.


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